Ground Pork 碎豬肉 3lbs/bag包


Above price is per lb. 3 lbs Per bag

以上为每磅的价格, 一包3磅重


This ground pork is made by prime pork butt, loin and small portion of leg meat. over 95% lean meat。 There is nothing of any trimming meat comes with it.

这种铰猪肉是用猪梅头肉, 大里脊肉以及少量大臀肉铰制而成。 瘦肉约占95%。 绝无丁点边角料肉参入。整个工作流程,严格按照美国食品安全程序制作并受美国农业部肉品安全检查官全程监控。



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